Beautiful flowers /Great screen savers
Beautiful flowers /Great screen savers

Happy New Year New  2015 Thank you sweet God for my wonderful wife Bobbie and my sons and daughters. Oh Lord God bless my children that New Year that we all can be drawn closer to You.

Here is my sewwt Bobbie celebrating  another happy Valentine Day Married August 20 1955   Sixty years of beautiful love stories.

Sir Cedrick II Never could there be a more loving cat. Never for one second will Cedrick let you forget he is number one Cat of The Walk. 

Here again my beautiful wife Bobbie. Even in clown make up she is a fantastic supper star

I built my home here on the farm back in 1963, fifty plus years ago. Cost $11,000, note, $82.00,a month, 900 square feet. Three bedrooms, living room, dining, kitchen and one bath. Five beautiful children. We wanted it all, cows, chickens, a yard full of pigs. You name it, we had it and our garden was the talk of the neighborhood. Bobbie's sister, Betty, and her nine children lived at the top of the hill in the old farm house that she and Bobbie both were born in. I was in the milk business at the time, up at four delivering milk to the babies of the 'War Brides'. I had spent two years in the Navy my self but chose to return home to Alabama, get married and start a family of my own. Now these fifty eight years of marriage to one woman, five children, eleven grands and three great grands have blessed my life with more than any man could ever want. Now entering into my eighty-second year have made my life complete. Another great grand on the way.  Malia, Mary' oldest married to Israel Torris will have a little baby boy this summer of 2016.   God is so good.

By the Grace of God Bobbie and I were able to bring our son Richard home from Boston Mass. after two and a half free from the cancer that most surely taken his life but for the good doctors at the Jimmy Fund Hospital for children suffering from all kinds of cancer. Back home in Alabama we started allover again now with two more children; Dixon that was born in Boston and our first daughter Karen. In October of 62 we built our new home here on the farm. As the years drifted by we were blesses with two more children, Stephen and our baby girl Mary.  God has been so good.

My Home

Brick & Mortar and Flowers too, a home can never make; A nam his wife & children with all the blessings of our Sweet Lord is waht it takes.