Beautiful flowers /Great screen savers
Beautiful flowers /Great screen savers

OWLS  Every First & Third Monday several from my church meet; play cards and dominoes

The ladies also bring all kind og goodies for lunch. We then have a devotion and then get busy back playing cardes & dominoes Sometimes after lunch we may play cards and such till 4:30 or 5  This being December 2015 it's getting and us old folks don't like to be out after dark

Sir Cedrick II  Someone back about five years ago put this beautiful animal out at church. If he had been any colar other that black and white I never would have noticed him at all.  True story there was a Sir Cedrick I.  One Christmas Season he came calling and would not go away. So he was my number two cat for three or four years. Then one day he came up missing. A day or so later we found him dwon by the lake. Never figured what happened; some one either shot him. Bird hunters shott cats because they eat baby birds. He may have beed hit by a car, or maybe dogs or coyotes; but, somehow he made back to the house. Cedrick I was the first in my cat cemetery.  So now comes Cedrick II . A yerar or so later my Number One Cat Midnight joined Cedrick I in my cat cemetery. She was maybe ten fifteen years old. So here we are with my presant cat Cedrick II. As you see  ne is Bobbie' best frend.   Bobbie had 'Cropal Tunnel  a few years back

Name: Richard Mebius
Hometown: Bluff Ridge Mountain

Hobbies: I have many pictures of flowers that I would like to share with all of God's children.

These pictures can be used as 'Screen Savers'. Please feel free to download any of the pictures you like. My pictures that I wish to share with you are those that I have taken over the past fifty years. My sweet wife Bobbie has given me five beautiful children and now delights my life with her fantastic flowers. Another love of my life is my cat 'Cedrick' ; black and white, he has all the dogs in the neighborhood second guessing that he is a skunk and they all give him a wide berth. I have lived now fifty years  on the farm. Cows, horses, chickens, ducks, you name it. I have spent fifty years land sculpting six acres but know I have had to turn everything over to my two sons that live here on the farm. God has been very good to me but now at eighty two, it is past time to sit back and enjoy the 'Roses'. I have had many hobbies over the years. As a young man I enjoyed sitting in a boat all day on one of the many beautiful rivers of Alabama bass fishing. Landscaping has also been a great delight to me.  Planting trees and all kind of shurbs, shaping and pruning, has given me great pleasure over the years. Yet now I can hardly life my arms above my head. Prunning and planting of trees and shrubs is now a part of my past. 

  My next indever is to purchas a 'I Pad' so I can take and share my beautiful pictures with those that might find time to sit and let an old man share some of God' beauty.


Here is a picture I took several years ago at 'Stone Mountain' in Georgia of a covered bridge that has no other value other that the memories I have of some many days now past into the happyness of my heart RWM

Love of my life