Beautiful flowers /Great screen savers
Beautiful flowers /Great screen savers

<< Our newest great grandson Luca  >>

Malia and Israel were married November 15th. Mary, mother of the bride and sister Mariah.

No man could ask for more.God has blessed this old man with such a wonderful family. One wife, 60 years five beautiful children eleven fantastic grand children Five great grands One more on the way Parise God from who all blessings flow

<< Fathers Day 2016 My four living children called and wished their old dad Happy Fathers Day. To be remembered on such a day and time is more that man could ever hope for. The memory of each and every moment of the birth and development, growing up of my children are for ever more etched in my mind and heart. Thank you Father God for all the blessings you have given to Bobbie and I 

Another beautiful day, March 12th. 2015; Winter is just about gone; Birds are siging A lone Canadaian Goose stoped by looking for his mate. moved on to check out the other several lakes here on Bluff Ridge Mountain. I believe some uncaring gunman shot the Gander last fall.

There are many beautiful trees that God has given his children to enjoy. I know I will never see a Poem Lovely as  a tree. Over the past fifty years I have had the good fortune to plant many, many trees  here on the farm. Crape Myrtle trees  have over the years been my favorite. I have now lost count of the Crape Myrtle trees that I have planted. There are so many different colors and shapes.  Here is a tree my son Stephen gave me many years ago.

Tiger Lilies and Day Lilies help to brighten even the hottest days of the year.

The hottest days are already bright and only one of Bobbie's prize Tiger Lilies could out shine the sun. Beautiful Flowers take a lot of loving care just like  thing our Magnificent  Lord God has given to His children to enjoy.

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Beautiful Day Lily, another of God's beautiful flowers Summer of 2014

Yellow Bells and Wisteria have always been my all time favorite of the many beautiful flowers that Bobbie and I have had the pleasure to grow and cultivate on the wonderful farm that Pop Brill gave to Bobbie and I some fifty years ago.

Thank you God for all the beauty you have given to Your children. For those that might have of those that believe;  Only a loving God to carpit his earth with such beauty. 

My two wonderful sons, Dixon and Stephen. Both sons chose to build here on the farm. Maybe they fell in love with farming as I did.We had cows, pigs, chickens and even some ducks. My son Richard, who is now in Heaven, even had his on horse, Star Baby.   Stephen has a small herd of goats. Dixon 'Bees'

Both boys have big gardens,  God has been so good to me..

Austin & Blake, fantastic grandsons, no man could be more proud than this old granddad. Sons of my daughter Karen and Andrew. Austin is quite an artist. He has already made one Sky Dive and ready to try it again. Blake, if he can get it together will rank top dollar in my book.

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My Cousin Samuel Mebiue from El Salvador Central America 

My cousin ,Sam Mebius called me several years back the he wanted to come to Alabama to meet with me and my brothers. Sure enough Sam and his delightful wife Margaret did come to Birmingham for a weekend and brought with him a folder contain all the picture and records about a grandfather missionary that we both shared. Once again last summer we met again in Florida for another weekend to share more of our relation the the Missionary Grandfather

Fredrick Ernest Mebius 

Here is Paw Paw with  two of his grandchildren, Austin and Blake. A year or two have now slipped by. Austin is now in New Zealand. Blake seems to be getting serious. His new love has seemed to slow him down a notch or two. Their sister Asheigh will finish up High School this May 2017. Austin is working at a Holliday Inn, rent free. Not sure what his duties are but I still think his heart is set on teaching Snow Boarding and Skying 

Dixon & Stephen Two wonderful sons that are always ready to help out the old man.   Thank you God for my two wonderful sons

Bobbie's many beautiful Day Lillies have done so well this year because of all the rain this Spring./Bobbie sprayed this one to have the  effect of rain drops From day one when the first buds began to grow we had a running battle to keep the deer fron eating them.  Every night we treat the flower bed with pee. Deer will not come close to our flower beds. 

In this picture Krystal might be the Junior Petty Officer but to her Pawpaw she is number one. Krystal came to live with me and Bobbie at age six. My work allowed me to spend more time with this child that any of my other five children. Each morning I would drive her across the mountain to the new Elementary School and then be there to bring her home to help her with her

lessons for the next day. Truth is Bobbie and I were the only mother and farther she ever had. The years passed by so quickly and there she was all ready for college.  "Nope, not for me, The Navy Life is the only thing for me". About four years on board ship and then off to the Training Station at the 'Great Lakes training for the next two years training the new recruits. Some classes would consist of fifty men and some forty women. Last year Krystal took  aleave of two weeks, stopped by the other grandmother 's and headed south  with daughter Jessica Marie for a week or so before Christmas. After back on base Krystal learned that she would be there till April of 2015. Krystal will call every week or so and seems to be having the time of her life. But she is already looking forward to getting back on board ship.....  

Bobbie has several differnt typs of Day Lillies that  beautify  our yrads that take a lot of work to be sure they have enough water and treetment  of pee to keep the deer away>

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Thank you God for my Krystal Lynn Top Navy Personal  { One proud Paw Paw}

Well here we are again, can't say enough about my wonderful family. God has blessed me so much over the years. Sons and daughters, grand and great - grand children.

No man could be more proud of his son's than I am about my two boys. Both were there to help with the farm work growing up. Cows, pigs, chickens, ducks and you name it we had them all. Bobbie, my sweet wife had a big garden every year and there was always much canning and room in the kitchen for the girls to learn all the tricks of canning and preparing food for the freezer. We also had a very good battery business and both Dixon and Stephen were there during the summer months and most every Saturday learning the business that I hoped they would one day take over. Sometimes things never work out quite the way one might wish. My child Richard was there all the way helping and guiding his brothers till his death at age thirty five. My two daughters, Karen and Mary are also the joy of my life.Karen, older of the two have given me three wonderful grand children. Austin the older of the three played big time foot ball in high school and now could be one fantastic artist if he could settle down and take life seriously Blake is shaping up to becoming a very good electrician which in future live can bring him big bucks. Ashley daughter number three is still in school but is one top dollar volley knock out. Mary daughter number two has blessed me with two beautiful grand daughters. Malia completing her last year in college and will be a great success in a teaching career. Mariah at present one big time soccer Goldie.

Grand daughter Bobbie Mae has chose a life of real puppy love. Her great enjoy is loving and caring for her dogs. Travling to Florida several years back she and friend Lesia spent a week end here on the way down to enter her pups in a national Dog Show. Her dogs are not for sell just for show.

My sweet sister, Betty, and her husband Berl Blankenship.

I can never tell my Lord God how thankful of the wonderful 'Help Mate' that He gave my Sixty years ago the coming August 20th. or the five beautiful children she has had for me. Every morning and every night and many, many times durning the day I bow my head and prase God for the wonderful life we have had.

My dad must have spent many hours on his knees praying for his four sons. He spent all his life at first is an office boy for the Birmingham Ice House. Then years working for Alabama Power and then several other businesses until finally he owned his own company keeping the books and letting two of his sons work with him in the office. Thank God for a good loving father. 

Here is a picture of three of his boys and their wives.   Eddie and Bea, Jim and Toni and Bobbie and Richard. Dad has been in heaven now these thirty plus years. I speak to dad and mother every day as I say my morning prays.

For several years now my grand children have come to spend Christmas with Bobbie and me, it has just about become a tradition to make Ginger Bread Houses. From left to right Malia,Erika,Ashleigh,Mariah and Billy supervising their precious work

Not too many years when the children   were not quite out of knee pants Bobbie and I took a crise to the Cairrbbean 

Several years back Bobbie and I took several cruises with our children to the Caribbean and one to Mexico. We had great fun but I discovered real quick that I had all the cruising I cared for back in my navy days Bobbie did confess that she really did enjoy both cruises

God has blessed me so many ways and countless times. These are my beautiful children in Florida.

My youngest daughter Mary, two grand daughters, Malia, Mariah and soon to be grandson-in-law, Isreal. Isearl is from Peru, South America. 

God has given me two great grandsons Parker and Tristan are the two sons of Niki, my son Dixon first daughter with Robin his first wife. Niki and Jacky live in Tennessee. Some day maybe they will come and build here on the farm. 

I am sure by now you must realize how much I like to take picture and how much I like to take pictures of my cat Cedrick. We have been good buddies now for the last three years. He now comes and goes as he pleases. Some times I think he will stay out all night and then sneak in and then sleep all day. Cedrick still follows me around like a little puppy. Cedrick is really the third cat that I really spent time with and even though cats never would admit to belonging to any one. Most cats are so independent they can ignore or love you at will.

God has blessed me with eleven grandchildren; all beautiful kids but all with different interest.

One quite an artist, one sky diving; another professional cheerleader; a school teacher, a soccer player, the other volleyball and yet one training dogs and quite successful at that. Bobbie Mae came to visit last summer and brought all ten of her puppies to my great delight  

One of my most favorite past times is playing Scrabble with my wonderful sweet wife Bobbie. Most of the time Bobbie will tear me up because I talk a blue streak and don't pay much attention to the game. I didn't do well in school because my reading and spelling were so really bad. I do read most everything I get my hands on now. I get so excited when ever I figure out a four or five letter word. Another game we play is 'Spite & Malice; most of the time Bobbie puts me in the shade. Here again I talk about every little matter that comes to my mind. Truth is, I really don't care if I win or lose. I just like to play.

About ten years ago while voting at the Pleasant Hill United Methodist Church while having my voting ballot entered into the counting machine I noticed several older men sitting in the dinning area playing dominoes.  I asked about it and was told that twice a month they would meet and play. I came back to my church and spoke with Edna Cook and asked if maybe we could start something like that at our church. Edna really liked the idea and our group decided to meet every first and third Monday to play cards and dominoes.

We decided to call out group the OWLS, 'Older Wiser Lively Seniors.' The ladies bring all kind of goodies for lunch. We all pig out and then Bobbie's Sister, Betty had a devotion and then we get all busy playing again and usually don't break up till three or four o'clock.  Our oldest member 'Art Gentry just celebrated his ninety-first birthday. There are several ladies and a couple of us old gessers that show up for games and real good fun. 


Me and my cats, this one is Cedrick I.  Dogs or something got him several years back. He did make it back to the house and I was able to bury him in my "Cat Cemetery ."  Not too many years after Big Cedrick died some one put two little kitties out at church, one was black and white and the other black. If the cat had been any other color I never would have noticed it at all. As soon as I was able to pick it up I told Bobbie to take me home. It was between Sunday School and church.We brought the cat to the house, I gave it something to eat and water to drink. We then went back to church. One year or so later my big black cat, Midnight died at about age ten or twelve. Cedrick II is now about three years old and has the walk so the house. Every where I go , he is there at my every move. He sleeps with me and there is no doubt, he is a one man' cat...


Many years ago Bobbie and I spent a lot of time clowning at Childrens Hospital and many nursing homes, playing with the kids and spreading laughter around . God has blessed us over the years but like all good things we finally had to hang it up and now just live for the memories. Several, over the years said we should go 'Profesional' There was big bucks to be made entertaining at Big Birthday Parties, business openings and such. Never once crossed my mind to go into the 'Clowning Business'. Charging money would have taken all the fun out of it. Our bevolence at the time was Celbral Palsy. One year with the help of several other clowns we raised $10,000. It took all year standing out in front of WalMart in the rain and snow and schorching heat of summer, but we did it. There is a plack at the new location on Lakeshore Drive to prove the fact. 

About my big wonderful family, Five beautiful children, eleven grandchildren and three greats. Our oldest, Richard went to be with Jesus some twenty one years now.

An insperation to all who ever knew my son. Gone now is also Granny. Each and every Christmas all will come home to unite and reunion with brother and sister.

  Now after fifty eight years of perfice blist, a marriage formed and blessed by God, we two Bobbie and I stand hand in hand with the blessing of our Lord, Father and Savior Christ 

Several years back someone put a small black and white kitty out at church. If he had been any thing other than black and white I would not have even notised him at all.  Several years before I had a real big black and white that maybe some dogs had got to.  Any way I brought the kitty home and he soon had stole my reart. I named him Cedrick II

Every where I go Cedrick is at my feet. He sleeps with me every night; drinks out of my tea glass with me and he is really a one mans cat.

God has smiled down on man kind every since He said "Let us make man in Our image" Christ said, " Consider the lilies of the filds". Only God could make a tree. 

 Several years back I came up with a fantastic idea of how to get water to the root system of a plant, shrub or a tree. While helping my wife with her vegetable garden I noticed that she had placed the end of a hose pipe next to a tomato plant with the water still running.  The water had got into the soil around the plant and was now putting water down under the plant. I got an idea to build a water tool that I could force water into the ground instead of just applying to the top of the plant. With this water tool I can now put water six, eight inches down to the root system. I will punch several holes around the plant or tree. Now I can put fertilizer down to the root system. Now when it is raining the rain can go down to the roots instead of just running off. I also can use this water tool to prepare ground for planting and even transplanting new plants, shrubs and trees. With the pressure of the water I can dig a hole eighteen inches deep and then remove the wet soil and plant the shrub or tree in the new prepared soil

The water tool is also good to soften the soil around a plant I wish to transplant, lift it from the ground and then replant at another location.

Here is a pencil drawing that might be a hundred years old found in a attic belonging to a doctor friend. I have two such drawings. The name on the drawing is 'Ben Vines'

I am not interested is selling the drawing but would be interested in knowing something about Artist and where I might find other such drawings.   RWM

You have all seen many of my Bobbie's beautiful flowers, also there are many of the shrubs, trees and bushes. The item in the picture above is a water tool that I use primary to put water to the roots of plants  and trees. In the dry of summer most of the water we hose onto our grass and shrubs will evaporate off into the air. Also in the heat of summer the ground will get so hard that rain water cannot penetrate  the ground around a plant. My water tool attaches to a hose pipe. If placed above a plant it will dig down several inches into the hard ground and supply water to the roots of the plants. The water pressure will dig as much as eighteen inches with just a little   pressure to guide the water tool into the ground.

    The water tool can also be used to prepare the ground for planting flowers and shrubs and also for transplanting them. The 'Water Tool' can be useful  to soften up the ground around a shrub or small tree so it can be taken up without disturbing the root system. 


Thanks for stopping by. My name is Richard Mebius. Have a look around my website and get to know me. If you want to drop me a line you can always write in the guestbook.